Progress and Timeline

UNM Accreditation Activity and Timeline

The University of New Mexico is on the Higher Learning Commission’s Standard Pathway, a 10-year accreditation cycle, which will culminate in a site visit and comprehensive evaluation set in the 2028-29 academic year.”


2019Year 1Begin Standard Pathway

Begin Preparing Assurance Filing during years 1-3

2020, March 4Year 2Interim Report

UNM’s interim report was accepted by the HLC’s Institutional Actions Council

2021, Oct. 4-5Year 3Focused Visit*

The HLC’s Institutional Actions Council determined that UNM demonstrated sufficient evidence that we had addressed the HLC’s concerns.

2023, April 24-25Year 4Comprehensive Evaluation**The HLC’s Institutional Actions Council accepted the review team’s report, which determined that the University met all HLC criteria without concerns
2023-2028Year 5-9Prepare Assurance Filing 
2028-2029Year 10Comprehensive Evaluation


* Focused on “implementation of corrective action regarding fiscal mismanagement issues with Athletics and the Board of Regents governance issues.”

** Includes Embedded Report on “Integrated Planning with a focus on enrollment and finances”