Progress and Timeline

UNM Accreditation Activity and Timeline

In 2019, UNM was transitioned to the Standard Pathway, and the next comprehensive evaluation will take place in October 2022.  Before that, UNM will also host a focused visit in October 2021.  The Focused Visit is centered on two areas: follow-up on UNM’s corrective action taken regarding fiscal mismanagement issues in Athletics, and Board of Regents governance.

UNM Accreditation Activity Timeline

UNM was transitioned to the Open Pathway for reaffirmation of accreditation in 2013.  UNM’s milestones for the new process are as follows:

2019Year 1Begin Standard Pathway

Begin Preparing Assurance Filing during years 1-3

2020, March 4Year 2Interim Report
2021, Oct. 4-5Year 3Focused Visit*Report is due Aug. 9  (8 weeks in advance of visit)
2022, Oct 3-4Year 4Comprehensive Evaluation**
2023-2028Year 5-9Prepare Assurance Filing 
2028-2029Year 10Comprehensive Evaluation


* Focused on “implementation of corrective action regarding fiscal mismanagement issues with Athletics and the Board of Regents governance issues.”

** Includes Embedded Report on “Integrated Planning with a focus on enrollment and finances”